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I will guide you each step of the way to be a profitable confident trader within 30 days, or less!

Hello There! My name is Reyza Nasir and i am the founder and instructor for

As of 2022, I have been involved in Forex and Stock Trading for 14 years.

Started in 2008 and until now, I have shared my trading system with hundred of students.

I have built a strong,profitable and easy to master trading system. Its so powerful, I offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you do not understand the market after the FIRST CLASS!

So far, 0 students have requested for this guarantee!

What I Specialize In

One-To-One Forex Coaching

Zero To Hero in 30 days!

1-on-1 training to maximize understanding and impact on the course. This is the best option for someone that wants to become a professional trader within 30 days, or less!
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Group Forex Training

A Class With Others

A coaching session involving multiple person or organization. This does not impact on the quality of the course, but, missing the personalized 1-to-1 sessions .
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Forex Investments

I Share How To Profit Automatically

Forex is not just manual investing, I will share how you can make money with other outlets in Forex.
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Student reviews

Very easy to understand the technique, especially for newbie and zero knowledge. Thank you Mr. Reyza 🤗
Mas Idayu Abu Bakar
Forex Student
Mr Reyza teaches in a way that is very easy to understand, especially for those who don't have knowledge in this field
Forex Student
The best class and easy to understand..teach from zero knowledge to be able to understand..bestkkk 👍👍👍
Nasrulhaq Muhammad
Forex Student

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The Search For The Next Pro Trader has started.
I am looking for traders who are committed and looking to become a Professional Trader within 15 days.
With my battle tested trading course, you will learn how to;
1.Correctly identify the trend of the market
2.Know the right time to enter a trade
3.Eliminate lossess up to 98%!
(Warning! This course is offered in a limited, first-come-first-serve basis. Once it is filled, I will close this offer! Act Now!)
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Forex Trading Course by Reyza Nasir 

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